About us

About us

[Information about GUFON]

Global UFO Network was founded in 1998 and is a non profit international UFO-organisation that works for a global collaboration when it comes to the UFO-phenomenon. The headquarter is situated in Norway, and it is administrated by UFO-activists within the norwegian UFO-comunity.

International network
Our main intention is to establish a network of contacts around the world, so that we can share expiriences and information. We belive that if we co-operate between nations, it will lead to a better understanding of the phenomenon. Our impression is that people wants an openness about the UFO-phenomenon, and we belive they are entitled to.

GUFON contacts
The task of the contacts is to gather UFO-related material in their home town and country. After it is sendt to GUFONs headquarter in Norway, it will be categorized, investigated and compared with other similar sightings or encounters from around the world. People that are interested is encouraged to contact us.

To become a contact/member of GUFON is free. To join GUFON, click here.

Global UFO Network is operating on a non profit basis. We therefore depend on donations to keep the organisation operative. All economical contributions are highly appreciated. Please contact us for donations.